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Chair of the action: Dr. Juan JIMENEZ

Vice Chair of the action: Prof. Juliane FILSER

Soil fauna - Key to Soil Organic Matter Dynamics and Modelling (KEYSOM)

Soil is a non-renewable ecosystem resource under seriously pressure by land use, urbanisation and climate change. Soil organic matter (SOM) is key to soil fertility, climate change mitigation, combatting land degradation, and the conservation of above- and below-ground biodiversity and associated ecosystem services. Existing models of SOM dynamics are defined mostly in terms of plant residues input and microbial decomposition, overlooking the important contribution of soil fauna activity. Here, we bring biogeochemists and soil ecologists together to develop a research network for improved SOM models by implementing the role of the soil fauna as a basis for sustainable soil management. An international interdisciplinary approach within a COST Action is envisaged as the proper platform for both experimentalists and modellers to provide solutions. Deliverables will be provided through workshops addressing key challenges in SOM / soil fauna experimentation and modelling, support of research exchange, education of young scientists and better access to experimental data.

The Action will be organised within four Working Groups to address:

1. Knowledge gap analysis of SOM soil fauna interaction;

2. Potentials and limitations for inclusion of soil fauna effects in SOM modelling;

3. Data assemblage and data sharing;

4. Knowledge management and advocacy training;

Our Participation Ranking

  • Juan J. Jiménez
    229.68% of all actions99 Actions
  • Maria J.I. Briones
    211.12% of all actions91 Actions
  • Juliane Filser
    32.48% of all actions14 Actions
  • Paulo Sousa
    27.84% of all actions12 Actions
  • Davorka Hackenberger
    20.88% of all actions9 Actions
  • Jack FABER
    6.96% of all actions3 Actions
  • Paul Henning KROGH
    6.96% of all actions3 Actions
  • Adam OTOOLE
    2.32% of all actions1 Actions


2018-11-02 15:23:45
Meshbag experiment Italy

Like Italy, most groups by now have dug out the mesh bags that had been incubated for one year in the field.

2018-11-02 15:22:38
Meshbag experiment progress

Like Italy, most groups by now have dug out the mesh bags that had been incubated for one year in the field.

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