WG1 – Network: sharing data and information, state–of–the–art and gap analysis

The objective of WG1 is to review the "state of the art" of SOM and soil fauna interactions. One subtask of the WG1 will address the challenge of providing open information on experiments to facilitate sharing of data and results for general synthesis, meta-analyses and modelling.

The understanding will require a new conceptual framework and new experimental approaches for minimum data set compilation for each of the eight biogeochemical aspects. The past experimental results with different hypotheses linked to soil fauna activities will be reinterpreted.

A network approach like COST will be particularly relevant for this type of development because no individual experiment will cover the issues alone. Another subtask will be to analyse how all the aspects considered can be most efficiently addressed by experimentation.


Working group leader: Prof. Juliane Filser, University of Bremen, Germany, filser@uni-bremen.de

WG1 will organise annual topical workshops related to the overall task. In order to assure close integration of the existing global SOM models, data and modelling, one workshop will be jointly organised with WG2, and another one with WG3.

One Training School will be held at a relevant site with field scale experiments in order to address key issues of experimental design, scenarios, and artefacts.

Our workshops

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Juliane Filser