WG1 recent activities

Earthworm sampling in the field

WG1 recent activities

  • Bremen, Germany
  • 14/03/17 - 14/03/17

WG 1: Data sharing and information, state-of-the-art and gap analysis of SOM – soil fauna interactions


Are you interested in soil fauna – soil organic matter interactions?

  • Are you specialised in one particular group of soil animals, or
  • Interested in the fauna of different biomes, or
  • Interested in transferring laboratory data to real field conditions, or
  • Are you performing related studies in the field or laboratory, or
  • Are you working on a literature analysis in this field?

Are you interested in cooperating with partners from 26 EU countries, e.g. by

  • Participating in our meetings as a contributor or invited speaker, or
  • Performing a short-term scientific mission with one of our partners, or
  • Participating in our field experiment, or
  • Sharing your knowledge with us as participant in a review article or by simply providing literature or data in a structured manner?

Then welcome to Working Group 1!

What are we currently doing?

Based on a first article (Filser et al. 2016, SOIL, 2, 565-582, doi:10.5194/soil-2-565-2016), we are working on two more review articles and a field experiment:

  • Frouz et al: The role of soil fauna for C dynamics in different biomes
  • Alves et al: The role of soil fauna other than oligochaetes in SOM dynamics
  • In the field experiment, we study over a large European transect several aspects:
    a) Basic pedological, vegetation and climatological information
    b) Macrofauna abundance
    c) Aggregate stability and properties
    d) The impact of macrofauna on bioturbation and aggregation over one year, based on an exclusion experiment
    e) Various other special information such as stable isotope analysis, near infrared spectroscopy or DNA metabarcoding

Furthermore, we support other working groups of COST ES1406 by providing our expertise and research network, thus contributing to models, databases and dissemination of SOM and soil fauna interactions.


Contact: Juliane Filser (filser@uni-bremen.de)